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Hi friends!  I'm back after a little blog hiatus...and it already feels great to post :)  I will begin posting more SW Couture-esque posts, but bare with me as I share with you a few thing that have been consuming  my mind. 

I'm sure you know about the storms in Tuscaloosa, AL that pretty much decimated a city that I know and love.  Tuscaloosa is the place where Tina, Julie and I became social workers and worked in the community to help strengthen these areas.  Some of those areas are no more.  The whole situation is heartbreaking.  My husband and I are doing all we can to contribute and volunteer for the people in need.  One of the ways to do this, especially at a distance, (and there many) is to buy this I <3 Tuscaloosa Shirt.  All proceeds go to The Red Cross.  I'm thinking of buying one myself to show my support for Ttown.  This tragedy has been on my mind quite a bit and I ask everyone to keep Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Ringgold, GA and the other places that were hit by the tornadoes in your prayers.

The other item that has been on my mind is much happier than tornado talk (sorry there is no good transition from talking about the tornado), and he has helped me get through this week by being a constant comfort (besides my husband, of course!).  I'm talking about our new puppy, Wyatt!  He is a boxer and is 9 weeks old today!  He is sweet as can be and will be an affectionate, loyal and protective boy.  We just adore him!  He truly is like a baby because we typically get up 3 times a night to let him out.  I will be happy when he is potty trained and sleeps through the night because I am ridiculously sleep deprived.  Though I'm enjoying him being 5.5lbs and little enough to carry because he will be 70lbs before I know it!

I call this his glamour shot :)  Thanks to my mother-in-law for getting him to sit still!

Wyatt is incredibly alert and is intrigued by a very fun birthday present from my husband, the Ipad 2!  So naturally we read fashion blogs together, including SW Couture!  Check out Wyatt as he reads Tina's latest post about Essie's pastel nail polishes! P.S.  Please excuse my post workout hair/outfit! 
 Ok I promise next time I will post something more relevant to the blog!  Thanks for staying with me :)

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