"hey miss scarfy!"

I'm serious - my coworker greeted me that way this morning! She jokingly asked if I was covering up inappropriate love marks! What!? Um, no. She also went into a story that started with "Back when hickies were cool I used to..." Did I miss something? Were hickies ever cool? lol. Needless to say, I bared my neck showing I have nothing to hide!

Not only do I love wearing scarves, but tonight I'm helping my mom out at an event with a focus on scarves! You see, my mom is a "wardrobe consultant" - is that not the coolest sounding job.. ever?? - for a company called Doncaster (maker of the beauteous blinged out cuff, and the scarf I'm wearing in this outfit!). Tonight my mom and her business partner have an event at  a local wine shop called "Wine, Women, and Wardrobe"! In addition to the usual wine tasting (5 tastes for $5- holla!) they will be sharing spring trends and scarf typing tips! I promised I'd help!

OK enough jibber jabber! My "miss scarfy" outfit!

So glad I decided to take a few shots outside! Loving the sun today!!

The details - jacket: Loft outlet, sweater: Limited (a few years old), scarf: Doncaster, pants: Loft

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