cake pops!

Welllll hellooo there long lost friend! It's been awhile, but I have not forgotten you or given up! Forgive me? ;)

I seriously just had to reset my password to log on and make this post - that's how long it has been! I remember the password had something to do with a Roll and a Tide, but then there were numbers and special characters and who knows! Anywho problem fixed!

Today was the first day in a long line of cold, rainy torrential downpour days that the sun came out to play! I took the opportunity to sit on my balcony and read the latest In Style magazine = joy!

I came across an article on cake pops and had to share! Are you familiar with this new fad? I feel like I had an almost encounter the other day at ... panera? starbucks? I honestly can't remember..but some place that wasn't even trendy like that had them! I had already paid for my beverage when I noticed them so it was opportunity missed. In Style tells me (and now You!) that they're the next big thing, and will replace the cupcake fad! We shall see. I still love me some cupcakes!
What are your thoughts? Have you been fortunate enough to try a cake pop? ...How did you feel about it? Can you possibly help my forgetful self and tell me where I likely was when I almost had a cake pop?  

...I find it somewhat amusing that my first post in.. a long time.. is something non-fashion related, but hey, it's about a fad! It's a post! I'm trying here!

Happy almost weekend!

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