Wedges: The IT Shoe for the Spring

 After reading Tina's fabulous piece on cargo pants, I knew I was meant to follow up and find us social workers some awesome wedges for Spring 2011. Don't worry I know that Wedge sandals are always a popular staple for the spring and summer seasons but my friends, this upcoming season, the wedge sandal will be more thick and exaggerated almost like a clog. As one shoe trend insider reported "wedges are normally seen sloping downward from your heel to the tip of your toes, be on the lookout for clog-like versions of the wedge sandal where the height of the sandal will be more of a platform which will lessen the high-heeled effect of the shoe."

Ok so I know what you're thinking, this is PERFECT for us Social Workers. I mean I spend most of my days running around the streets of D.C. and am not interested in spraining my ankle even if it is in the name of great fashion. However, I am 5'1 and always feel great when I am able to get away with a shoe that gives me a little height at work.....

Ok I must confess, I have to let you know that I tend to me the least "practical" out of my fellow bloggers so please please give me your feedback if you think this look is best saved for the weekends away from work :) Hope you enjoy my findings!

Say hello to spring's most celebrated espadrille wedge, courtesy of Stuart Weitzman. It's sky-high sophistication for city and sand.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this next shoe. Maybe a little more practical than Stuart Weitzman :)
So my latest obsession is Tory Burch.  My first purchase was a pair of AMAZING sunglasses and now I am slowly but surely saving my hard earned cash for a pair of shoes.... What do you think about her wedges? 

*These would most definitely have to be saved for the office on a paperwork day :)

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Martha said...

Any chance you give lessons on how to walk in those without hurting yourself - or looking really silly!