The Cuff

I can't help but notice that the cuff bracelet is everywhere! I've seen people wear one on each arm or just alone for a statement piece! Personally, I love just one. Mother dearest and I are sharing one from her Doncaster clothing line, and I love it! It is gold and has bling and it jazzes up an outfit easily! My coworkers aren't so sure about it, but I don't care! What do they know! ;)
Sorry for the poor quality image, I'll take a picture next time I wear mine!
Here are just a small assortment of cuffs I found at one of my favorite inexpensive accessory go to place, Forever 21. I love the different styles and believe that there is a cuff for every outfit!
With a statement piece like this, you can leave the rest of your jewelry minimal. How easy is that when you're rushing to get out the door!?

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Martha said...

Love that Doncaster got an honorable mention in your blog! They have great things for spring, maybe you'll be able to share something else!