A Monday kind of outfit

Ok so I need you all to get excited with me! I literally rushed home after work, opened up the blinds and snapped some outfit pictures before the sun completely went away. I still have much to figure out with my camera and tripod... and posing (ha!), but it's a start. So get excited!!

Ok - so Mondays, I definitely struggle (I'm sure you're with me!) with getting out of bed in time to be creative with my outfit! Today I went for an all black look, broken up with a brown belt and yellow scarf for some pop! You'll quickly learn that scarves are one of my favorite accessories!
with jacket
sans jacket
Sometimes I think I'm a ballerina!
Well hi there!
The details - black long sleeve tee: Nordstrom juniors section; scarf: Wet Seal; belt: H&M; pants: Gap "true straight" fit

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Martha said...

You wear scarves so well! Great way to change a look and add a bit of color to a dreary gray day.
Maybe you could do a section on scarf tying?