Winter Pink

This is one of my favorite outfits to wear to work.  I've realized that so many of my winter clothes are black or dark colors, which I do love, but would prefer to not look funeral-like day after day after day.... The pink belt is great for not only elongating my petite frame, but also adding some fun color to the dreariness of winter.  I also wore (when I got cold) a pink polo cardigan (from the Polo Outlet) that is super fun.  Though it's a spring color, I tend to wear all my cardigans year-round.  The turtleneck is from Macy's, belt is from Wet Seal, and the skirt is a part of my suit from The Loft.  What you can't see is that I'm wearing black legging and ankle boots with a small heel.

The South is in the middle of an ice crisis and I did not go to work today.  Looks like I might not be going to work tomorrow either. My supervisor just called and my office is closed tomorrow.  I like to pick out my outfits the night before, and just in case I do go in, the outfit is laying out :)  Can you tell I'm ready for my routine to resume??!!

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Martha said...

Knowing how short you are in person, I'm amazed at your look with a wide belt. I would have thought that would have chopped you in half leaving no torso at all. it really looks awesome!