What's your secret?

Nothing too exciting here, today, but needing practice with taking photos! It's been so dark, gloomy and snowy lately that having natural light is tricky. You know what else is tricky? That 10 sec timer. I'll get it eventually folks.. or I'll invest in a remote!

The details - jacket: TJ Maxx, blouse: J Crew (old, old, old!), pants: express (also old)

In other news, I had a home visit today with my oldest client on my case load! She is 102 years old! Hokey smokes! She said she liked my bun. HAH! (This is funny..because don't old ladies stereotypically wear there hair in buns? Or is that just librarians?)

Husband wanted me to ask my client what her secret was - she says reading and breathing!

There you have it!

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