Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Who has the problem of easily picking out gifts for girlfriends/sisters/other women and get completely stumped when it comes to the man in your life? ME!!! I also have the unfortunate luck of having a husband who's birthday is exactly one week before Christmas.  SO. MUCH. AT. ONE. TIME!! So, Tina and I were chatting via email and decided to co-create this post. Happy Shopping!  Here are some of those ideas:

1. North Face Fleece Jacket- $149-Claire's Pick
2. Polo Flannel Shirt- $98-Claire's Pick (you can get this shirt for much less at the Polo outlet. My husband has this very shirt and there is nothing more rugged than a man with a scruffy beard in plaid flannel!)
3. J Crew Outlet PJs- $29.50- Tina's Pick
4. Lacoste Watch- $295-Tina's Pick
5. Smart Wool Socks- $18.96- Claire's Pick- Best socks ever, no matter where you live. My husband and I wear ours all the time.
6. J Crew Outlet Sweater- $59.50-Tina's Pick
7. Calvin Klein Driving Loafers- $120- Claire's Pick
8. The Art of Shaving Kit- $115- Claire's Pick- My husband used a sample of this three step kit and loved everything about it.  He is prone to razor burn and his skin was soft and looked amazing. The kit was unscented so he didn't smell like a grandpa. Try it!

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