Black is the new.. black

Y'all! When I went to Target to check out Jason Wu (I bought this top - everything else I was interested in was sold out!) I fell more in love with Mossimo's black and white line!
1. Embroidered dress - $24.99 - I tried this on, but it didn't fit my body the right way. Just slightly off. Love the embroidered detail though!!
2. Skirt with belt - $22.99 - I picked this up right away!! I was eyeing this skirt at J Crew in black, but couldn't stand to pay that much money! This sits at the waist and will be perfect for tucking in shirts!
3. Belted dress - $24.99 - I just barely resisted purchasing this dress! It felt a little too similar to a Gap dress I got this fall, however the Target dress is a light cotton so better for summer. The length is also work appropriate. Gosh I like this dress!! Maybe when it goes on sale??
4. Embroidered scalloped tank - $19.99 - Looks very pretty in person!!
5. Tunic with crochet trim - $24.99 - This was my other purchase from this line. I debated getting the belted dress instead, but I don't really have a tunic, and on me I would be able to tuck the bottom into pants for a different look. This may become a swim suit cover up too! Love it.
6. Lace shoulder knit top - $17.99 - I didn't even try this on because I was pretty sure I'd fall in love and wouldn't be able to resist. Will be eyeing this one for awhile too!

Sadly it's hard to see the intricate details from these pictures, but I highly recommend going to the store and taking a look!!


Anne said...

Ummm, I walk through the clothing section every time I'm at Target (weekly...), just to see. My store didn't have these yet, but clearly I'm going to be quite tempted on my next trip! :)

Tina said...

How frustrating!! They really are a must see - and hopefully not as much hype as Jason Wu so they should have a good assortment in stock!

Court Collects said...

The lace shoulder knit top looks so cute!

Cheap Social Worker said...


I ran across your blog and absolutely love the concept. When I was in grad school, I remember having a class discussion about stereotypes associated with our profession. One was that social workers don't know how to dress well. I disagree!

I work in a hospital setting where many of my coworkers dress quite well. It's inspired me to try to develop some fashion sense myself. The products you feature on your blog are both fashionable and affordable. I'll definitely be bookmarking!