Social Work Crafting Pt. 2

We spent Christmas Day at my in-laws, we tend to always do this.  This year I decided to get some yarn and learn to crochet!  It is so easy and fun.  I watched many Christmas movies and crocheted away!  I finished the project the same day.  I used this youtube video to help me with the stiches.  But I didn't do the initial number of stiches the video says.  I made enough slip stiches until I was happy with the length.  I wanted to wrap the scarf around my neck twice and tested it every so often.  Then I started with the double crochet. When you complete the number of rows for the desired length, I followed the video and used a yarn needle to sew the ends together.  A yarn needle is a must!!!

I am currently using a size P (11.5mm) crochet hook because I like a larger stitch, but any of the other large hooks will work.  And I am currently loving  Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease.  The wool is thick and soft.  The yarn is about $7.50/skein. Joann Fabrics recently had a BOGO 50% off and I collected some yarn while I was there.

Here was my first scarf.  It turned out a little too long and a little rough, but I love it and wear it all the time. Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease in Graphite.

This is scarf #2. Lion Brand Yarn Wool-Ease in Cranberry. I made it for my mother-in-law, in celebration of Alabama going to the National Championship.  Too bad it was in the 70's in New Orleans! 

If you decide to embark on this project and have questions, let me know.  I am by no means a crochet expert, but I might be able to help with this project.  I am currently on scarf #3!

Happy Crocheting (or croqueting, as my husband says!) :)

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