Social Work Crafting Pt. 1

Whew...it's been a while since I've posted.  I was just running errands with my husband and suddenly wanted to post!  So what have I been up to? A lot....but let me save you from all of the boring stuff and tell you that I have been a crafting fool!  It's something about winter time that brings it out and it's more than the lack of outdoor activities. I think I'm going to spread out my crafting endeavours throughout several posts.  Here was my first one this fall.  It's non other than an Alabama themed wreath!  And btw, it has to be lucky since Bama just won their 14th National Championship (ok I'm done)!

Here is the final product.  I swear it's on my door, but I can never get the light right when I take a picture of it on the door. It is the easiest project and can really spruce up your front door. It is also a cheaper option than buying a cute wreath.  Don't forget to check for fabric deals at your local craft store and print your online coupons :)

I start with the wire wreath.  They have several sizes and I picked the one that would look best for our home.  The wreaths are about $3.

Then I picked out 6 fabrics, 2 being tulle (red and white).  You can pick out however many work with your vision of the project.

 Then I cut the strips of fabric 5 1/5 inches by 2 1/2 inches . I use chalk and a measuring tape to accomplish this part of the project.

I fold the fabric long ways (or hotdog style!) so only the pretty sides are seen.

Thread the fabric under the wire

Tie the fabric in a knot

Pull tight and fluff out the fabric

Continue this way until the wire is covered.  
Hope y'all will enjoy this tutorial.  Let me know if you decide to try it!  I know this crafting-talk deviates from our typical posts, but I thought it would be ok to share some of my "loves" with the blog :) 
Happy Sunday!

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