Husband asked what I was blogging about and I said "cardigans" - and I'm  pretty sure his mind went to The Cardigans and Lovefool! "..Love me, love me, say that you love me!" :)

ANYWAY. After getting freezing rain Friday night and taking at least 30 minutes to free my car yesterday, my mind is ready for Spring!!! How about you??

I really want to invest in a few more cardigans. Cardigans help make some tank tops more work appropriate and quickly change an outfit! I have a few but would like to pick up some other styles and colors!

Here are a few I like! Gotta have a couple of white cardigans and neutrals plus colors! Variety people, variety!
1. Boyfriend Cardigan - $49.90
2. Open Stitch Cardigan - $59.90  *love this with and without a belt!
3. Stripe Cotton Boyfriend Cardigan - $59.90
4. Saddle Shoulder Cardigan - $39.99
5. Dolman Sleeve Cocoon Cardigan - $59.90
6. Perfect Cardigan - $24.94
7. Boyfriend Cardigan - $49.90
8. Shirred Shoulder Cardigan - $34.9
9. Factory Cody Cardigan - $54.50

Are you a lovefool for cardigans?

P.S. Claire and I are going to do Freckles in April's Winter Challenge! It starts tomorrow (with layers!) if you want to join in on the fun!

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heidi said...

i love all of these cardigans, tina! i think they add so much to a woman's wardrobe, i will probably never have enough (until i have one in every color!) :)

are you still posting outfit pictures? i've missed your posts!