Ponchos & Capes

Last year I became a crazy woman over finding this poncho from H&M (you may remember the TV commercial?). I would walk into the store and this image was all over the walls (taunting me), but yet again "Sorry, it's sold out." One particular crazy evening I called the next closest store in another state and they had 2 left! Oh man. 30 miles later - victory! A little crazy, but I loved it (and still do!), and it was reasonably priced.

I got it near the end of the fall season (because it was freakin' sold out for so long!!) so wasn't able to wear it as much as I would have liked (it's tricky to wear a jacket over capes/ ponchos!). Thankfully capes and ponchos are still in this year in a big way!

If you missed out on the poncho/ cape look last year or are finally coming around to its wonderfulness (it took me awhile!), here are some of my picks.
1. Alfani Cowlneck Poncho - $39.99 on sale!
2. DKNYC Turtleneck Poncho - $79.99 on sale!
3. Michael Kors Turtleneck Poncho - $124
4. Jones New York Double Breasted Poncho - $124.99
5. Mossimo Poncho Sweater - $24.99
6. H&M Poncho - $19.95

Three cute jacket versions
1. Loft Leather Trimmed Cape - $94.99 on sale!
2. Talbots Capelet - $94.49 on sale!

Easiest way to style? Skinny jeans and boots. Easy peasy.

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Kristen said...

I like #6! I also bought a poncho/cape last fall...I wasn't initially on board with the trend, but then I found this one (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Old-Navy-Button-Front-Cable-Cape-Poncho-Sweater-S-White-/120737423945) at Old Navy...it was so cheap and cozy that I couldn't resist. I also found it much easier to style than expected - you can't go wrong with a long-sleeve T, skinny jeans, and boots!