We have a Winner!!

Thanks to those that entered our first giveaway @ Social Work Couture! Of those that left a comment and followed SWC with google friend connect, the winner is...... Michelle! Congrats!!

Michelle - Please send an email to socialworkcouture{at}gmail{dot}com within the next 24 hours to claim your bracelet!! 

In other news, I saw a bumper sticker on my way home from work today that said "i read your email." This made me think about bumper stickers like I have never thought about bumper stickers before. (How often do you ponder the details of a bumper sticker?) It made me consider one's point of view and intentions with bumper stickers. This was the only bumper sticker on the car, so I think that says something! Clearly they identified with the bumper sticker or were so amused to put said bumper sticker on their car and have it stand alone. Also, "read" is tricky! Are they saying they hack into my account and read my emails? Or did they simply read the email I sent them? Another possibility is they bought the car from someone else with this confusing sticker already affixed to the car! Or Maybe they wanted me to have this conversation with myself! Intriguing.

Any random Wednesday thoughts you care to share?

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