The details- dress: Old Navy (over 5 years ago!!), top: Limited, shoes: the same ones I always wear, belt: Limited on super clearance last summer, jewelry: Mimi's and Limited

Y'all, I just love Thursday!! Have I mentioned this before?? *Checks* OK so exactly a week ago I professed my love for Thursdays.. moving on!

Are you familiar with Bex? Claire introduced me to her! Each week she does what she calls "Thursday Latelies" where she shares with her readers things that are making her happy that week (in video form!) - whether it's a new product, a recipe, or just something wonderful going on in her life. I love this idea! How encouraging! While I'm not sure how I feel about doing a video just yet.. or ever? I thought I'd share 2 things that have been making me happy recently!

1. Green Tea! My mom mentioned just the other day that she is going to get back in the habit of drinking green tea! Yo tambien! I picked this up the other day and it's tasty! There is something so soothing to me about a cup of tea in the evening. Zen indeed.

2. Water! I'm back in the good habit of drinking lots and lots of water. I try to bring this water bottle with me whenever I go somewhere. It's especially helpful after a long client visit to have water waiting for me in the car (even if it is a little toasty!). Drinking more water makes me feel better and it's just healthy, right?! I figure if I tell my clients to drink more water so they don't get dehydrated, I might as well follow my own advice!

So share with us, what has been making you happy lately??

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