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Today was orphan day! Y'all I've cracked myself up numerous times over the title of today's challenge. The idea was to find a "closet orphan" and bring it out, give it new life, or decide that it should be donated so someone else can give it new life!! The idea of searching in my closet for an orphan was just amusing. However, the social worker in me says "this is no laughing matter." ..My humorous side says, "you just gotta laugh". Surely you all have different sides that come out, right? ;)

I'm pretty good about cleaning out my closet (thanks for that good habit, Mom!) so was unsure what I would find. Turns out, most of the possible contenders were not work appropriate and just too casual.
The details- tee: Loft (similar), cardigan: Gap, pants: Gap, shoes: Toms, necklaces: gift, Etsy (the gold version)

I decided on this cardigan (kinda hard to tell, but it's baby pink) since I've always enjoyed it, but it hasn't seen the light of day since undergrad. I guess the trouble is it's one of those awkward spring/ summer cardigans - they sound like a great idea and come in pretty colors, but it's often just too darn hot to wear them! Similarly, today it hung out on the back of my chair. 

The good news? I love it paired with this pink tee, and if I feel daring enough to wear what feels like "spring colors" in the fall, I'll be set! Also, I gave my Toms some more action! I have my eye on some of the new Toms for fall (so many choices - 1, 2, 3, 4), but want to actually wear the ones I have before purchasing more. It just makes sense. Just so you know, if you are new to Toms, they're actually very comfortable. Not much support = back may start to hurt, but as far as foot pain, it's not likely going to happen.

Claire brought out a dress that needed some more love! 
The details - Dress: Francesca's, Dog: Wyatt (I have such a dog crush!!! Would love to have a boxer!!)

Claire is off, probably donating this dress (just kidding!), so I'm helping post today! 

She says: I wore this dress to a New Year's party maybe 2 or 3 yrs ago and haven't touched it since! It's a little big and not as cute as I used to think...haha! It is silk, which I like. I found this inappropriate to wear to work today, but thought I would include it on"save a closet orphan" day anyway. I plan to donate this dress ASAP. Someone else may be able to love it more than I have and it has only been worn out once. Also, Wyatt would not get out of the shot and finally just sat next to me on his own! Scary eyes :) 

Tell us, are you inspired to search your closet for an orphan? Will you find a way to re-purpose or add some space to your closet by donating?

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