Military inspired cargos

I think one of the easiest ways to take part in the military trend is with cargo pants. I feel a lot of the jackets are too trendy and I worry that after a while, it won't seem on trend any more. Cargo pants, however have come in and out of style for awhile in a variety of styles! Here are my picks in cargo pants!
1. Workwear cargo pants- $22.99 on sale!

A neutral bottom is a great way to try new top trends as well. I've seen a lot of cargo pants paired with feminine tops - which I love!
This is cargo #1 paired with this gap lace shell. Me gusta!

For a dressier, more work appropriate look:

Ok, I want a pair of cargo pants now!! And wedge sandals! What are your thoughts on making cargo pants more feminine?? Let us know!

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