Quick update

You may have noticed I've been MIA. I have big news! My husband and I recently left our home town of Cincinnati and moved to Iowa!! Mike was offered a job that we couldn't turn down! It has been a very busy few months but we are starting to feel settled in Iowa and now that we have internet (finally!!) I wanted to post a quick update!!

I am in the process of getting licensed in Iowa and until then am an unemployed social worker! Getting licensed is a little more complicated than I thought, but I'm hoping to be licensed by the end of May if all goes well. Plenty of time to get even more comfortable with the area and get the house in order! 

So - that's why you haven't seen me here! I can't promise my posting will become regular - but it might improve now that I'm unemployed and a stay at home wife - temporarily!! :)

Hope all is well with you!


heidi said...

i've been curious about what you've been up to! congrats to your husband for the great job opportunity, and i am sure one will come your way soon as well! do you have to take the licensure exam in iowa in order to be able to practice there? i would be nervous if i had to take that again, even though i didn't graduate too long ago. wishing you the best!

Blubtrflygrl said...

How exciting!!! I have never needed my license for any of my jobs here in NYS. This is bad because it's made me lazy about pursuing it. I know if I ever go into hospital social work (ultimate goal!) or similar, I will absolutely have to have it. Right now I'm pretty content though so I can't complain too much!!

Becky said...

Oh the joys of changing states with our licenses. I'm an LPC. Best wishes as you get settled in.

Tina said...

Heidi - I shouldn't have to take the test over. It's all very complicated. Ohio doesn't have a Master's level test so I took the clinical level. Iowa requires the Master's level exam for the Master's level license and since I don't have any supervision/ am nowhere close to getting my clinical license I can't just apply for licensure by endorsement which would have been the typical means of getting licensed. HOWEVER 5/23 a new law goes into effect that would allow my scores for the clinical exam to count. So if all goes well I'll be licensed after 5/23 - which just happens to be my birthday! What a gift that would be!!