Decade / Region

Monday! Today I co-lead another allllll day training! It went really well! One more tomorrow and the training part is over! It has been really fun to do something different within my agency. It keeps me on my toes and keeps me engaged! Another bonus? Because of the training we get to wear jeans!

This is my interpretation of a 70s inspired outfit for the "decade/ region" challenge!

sweater: Limited, jeans: Gap, belt: Gap, cowboy boots: Nashville (authentic!), earrings: Queen Street (hard to see), watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, bracelet: Mimi's

Question my 70s-ness? Check out a similar look - Polyvore style!

Today, I decided to channel the indigenous women from Ecuador.  I know that's realllllllllyyyy random.  Let me explain:  I went to visit my sister in Quito this summer and was intrigued by the traditional garb that Ecuadorian women wear.   Here are Ecuadorian indigenous woman:

This is my interpretation! Too bad I don't have all the vibrant colors shown here. Love them!


Courtney said...

Love the shawl and beaded belt, and Love the yellow sweater. You both did great.


his_girl_friday said...

Love your outfits and the Ecuadorian women's as well!

Kelly Jo said...

Love what you came up with from the Ecuadorian inspiration!
That belt and shawl together look great!