She cooks!

After spending some time on pinterest I found myself in the mood to bake cookies today! After church we made a ginormous grocery list and went to it!
So far I've made these "grinch cookies" (yummy yummy!) and a sweet chex mix which we have dubbed "holiday mix" - we get pretty clever over here - and now I have an new chicken recipe in the oven!! To make things even better, we've been listening to Christmas music on slacker radio on our tv! Holiday bliss. After dinner I plan to make peanut butter blossoms (a new recipe) out of my Better Homes and Gardens Bridal Edition cookbook! Yay!

I'm new to this Holly Homemaker stuff, but it's fun because we get to start our new traditions!

What cookies do you bake for the holidays? Would love to add a new recipe to my list!


Anonymous said...

Grinch cookies!! Totally awesome, thanks for sharing!


heidi said...

these look so good, tina! i really wish i baked more, maybe i need to bookmark that recipe!