Happy Sunday, readers! 

Today is a BIG day!!! In a matter of hours I will be driving to my husband's Army post and will PICK HIM UP!! That's right! Deployment = OVER!!!!! OMG. It has been a long year + of separation, but thanks to great friends, family, and a supportive husband I survived!! 

Yesterday kinda felt like the day before our wedding! I just couldn't believe it was finally here! As my mom pointed out, it really is appropriate to compare to wedding day jitters as we'll finally get to be real newlyweds and start our life off together! Living together! Genius.

Trying to figure out what I was going to wear seemed like a big deal. Inspired by an image on Pinterest, I put a similar outfit together!
Black Dress, Boots, Inspiration Image
I love how easy this look is AND how it just screams fall in a simple, sophisticated way! The Anthropologie dress (from the original image) is no longer available (and was probably uber expensive) but this black dress from Gap feels like a great alternative!

The online image really does not show how great it is! It looks so much better in person. In fact after I got it I kept looking on the website for it to show up, and finally (after doing this for days) looked at the tag and the numbers matched with this dress! It just doesn't look the same! On me at least the sleeves are 3/4 length (and I don't think I have crazy long chimpanzee arms), and it's not so bunchy in the front. You must try it on! I know I'm going to wear it a ton and style it many ways! Even better, it's on sale now! Just trust me. :)

Turns out, it's going to be too warm today for this ensemble, so I'm going a different route, but once it gets cooler again I'll be rocking the dress and boots!

Have a great Sunday y'all!!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

these are so awesome together!

heidi said...

tina, congratulations to your husband for competing his deployment! i'm so happy for you both, i hope you are enjoying being together again!