Wedding Weekend

Hey all! Guess what? I'm in a wedding this weekend for my sorority little sister! I'm so excited!! Her colors are yellow and grey, and it's going to be super cute! (Side note: I've seen a ton of yellow and grey stuff recently! They're so on the ball!) Get this - the wedding is on Friday, and on Saturday they are having an outside BBQ where they'll be projecting the Michigan Sate (their favorite team!) football game! So fun, right?

Now I just need to get everything organized. I'm flying which is a huge blessing (say no to 8+ hour drives!!), but it makes me nervous that I'll forget something! I'm helping out with makeup for mom of bride and bride, so I have to find a creative way to pack everything I need and might need. I'm such a pack everything just in case, kinda girl. Can you relate?

top: Target, pants: Limited (4 years ago - my interview suit pants!), tank: Target, shoes: Sofft, jewelry: Limited, Banana Outlet, gift -MK, gift -Jenny Present

Random question - are you facebook friends with some of your coworkers?


kylieprice said...

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Tina said...

thanks for stopping by! Come back soon!