It has been forever since I've posted an outfit picture! Being sick just doesn't make a girl feel cute! I had to share this cute pumpkin guy though - it's a little hard to tell but he's wearing an Alabama football helmet AND he's filled with Halloween candy!
The details - tank: Old Navy; cardigan: J Crew outlet; pants: Express; pumpkin basket

This morning we had our required 3 hr training on ethics for licensure renewal! What a great refresher! I'm still hung up on one thing though - apparently in the state of Ohio, 5 years after termination of the client-social worker relationship, a social worker can have a sexual relationship with a client (gross.) - however, a social worker can never agree to a social gathering with a client, ex-client or client's family at any time!

What makes sense about that? I get that meeting for tea or going to a family party for a client is inappropriate, but to "allow" a sexual relationship after 5 years? asfaiopwuera!?! I still hear my professor saying "Once a client ALWAYS a client." ..Thoughts?


heidi said...

i really love going to workshops for credits for my licensure, i always learn so much. i am surprised that there is something that states a social worker engage in sexual activity with someone who is no longer a client... however, i just looked up the statutes in my state and there is something similar written but it sounds like it limits it to two years. i don't know, i agree with you - once a client, always a client.

Tina said...

That's almost worse!! Why is it ok after 2 years?? I really want to know how this is decided..