Shirt: Polo, Belt: Khols, Pants: Kenneth Cole Outlet, Shoes: Sperry (Have had them for 5+ years!)

This was a fun challenge today.  I found some inspiration from my hubby.  He loves a preppy look and that was what I was going for.  I tucked in the front of the shirt and left the rest out.  I even tried to do a "man pose!"  Do men pose?  I forgot to take a picture of me trying a new hair style for the 21 Day Challenge from yesterday, so I'm pulling a Tina and did two challenges today :)  I did a high messy bun.  I used the Spin Pin from Goody.  I'm usually all about the perfect bun, but went messy and LOVED it!  I will add this style to my hair repertoire.  Oh the benefits of the Challenge!   (Btw... Isn't my dog ridiculous??!! He thinks it's playtime when I stand still!).

Hey guys! Tina here! I enjoyed today's challenge, and finding a new way to wear my Target tank! Hope you all had a good day!!

The details - shirt: Gap, tank: Target, pants: Express, shoes: Nurture, belt: Husbands

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