Lazy copycat

I've been so productive this weekend! Well, probably only mildly productive for a normal person, but for me! Look out! Dishes, laundry and grocery shopping! Craaazy. I'm probably the laziest person you know when it comes to chores, and I'm lucky if I do any of these things on the weekend! I might even run the sweeper later if I feel real dangerous.

Today's challenge is supposed to be "Copycat". While I love the idea of this, planning for this would take too much time - and you just learned how lazy I am! I have many style items pinned on pinterest, and definitely have a few blog crushes (my newest crush), but rarely do I feel like "oh! I have those items in my closet!" Hence the never ending urge to go shopping. Le sigh. In a quick search, I found one image I can recreate and plan to do so for work tomorrow, along with some new hair style! See the challenges for this week (it's the last week for the challenge!): here.

I did feel like I was copycatting all the other lazy women at Kroger - ball cap, no makeup, workout clothes... really too sexy an image for this blog. This counts, right?

In an effort to not be so lazy, I'll end by highlighting two bloggers who regularly work the copycat look - check them out! I'm always so amazed! The first is Jamie from Work Your Closet. I love her easy, down to earth style!
Left, Right
Left, Right
 The second blog is J's Everyday Fashion:
Impressed? Do you turn to other bloggers and pinterest for fashion inspiration? Or do YOU inspire your on style?

P.S. It's Claire's first wedding anniversary today! Please join me in wishing her a very happy anniversary! Hope the cake still tastes good! ;)

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