Casual Friday?

Made it to Friday, again! Thank you, thank you!!! It's been quite the interesting week and I'm definitely ready for the weekend! Not much planned except for family dinner for the mom-in-law's birthday!

At my agency we get to take part in casual Friday if we don't have client visits. Some people (in my humble opinion) take the dress code way too loosely, even on Fridays. Personally, I'm all about the dressy jeans - we're still working here... are sweat pants and ball caps really necessary? Moving on.

Conveniently, today's challenge is too "jazz up your jeans." Love it- speaks to my heart! ;)

I braided the side of my hair! Can you tell?
The details - cardigan: Express on super sale last year, top: Limited a few years ago, jeans: Gap, shoes: Sofft, earrings: gift from Limited

Btw I kept my sweater on all day @ work! No dress code violations here!! Does your agency allow you to wear jeans on Fridays?

I love Claire's look - and love that she has kids Toms!
The details- Shirt and Jeans: Loft, Belt: Otavalo Market in Ecuador-made by hand, Shoes: Toms Kids-better support than the adult shoes!   

P.S. Claire informed me that she braided her hair today too!! We're so on the same page!! Must be the social work bond! ;)


heidi said...

you look great! i wish i had the opportunity to wear jeans on a friday at my job, i'd love to try a pair of black jeans or wear my trouser jeans more often. ah well!

Tina said...

thanks Heidi! It's a nice perk!