Personalized Necklaces

I am absolutely in love with this trend, and hope it's here to stay - at least longer than those best friend heart necklaces from middle school! There are so many varieties to choose from- whether you want to do initials for you and your hubby, just you, add a birth stone dangle for each kid.. there are many, many options and styles! In fact, it was hard to select just 8! (And I needed to limit myself, because I'm hungry and it's dinner time! Ya hear?) If you want to see more options on Etsy, a wonderful website where artists can sell their products, go: here.
2. Create your own @ Stella & Dot
3. Q Handmade - $80.00
6. Little J Necklace - $86.00
8. Create your own @ Stella & Dot

Which one speaks to you? Does this trend seem too "childish"? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Was searching for social work and fitness and came across your blog...very cute..love it! im your newest follower. those necklaces look fab!

Claire said...

Thank you! I'm so glad you found us! It is wonderful to have you as a follower. Keep letting us know what you think :)