Workin on my fitness

Claire's post Going to the Barre inspired me to share my new fitness goals with y'all! I recently (literally last week) started doing yoga again. I have one video that I love and am fortunately not sick of, yet - Jillian Michael's  Yoga Meltdown.

One blogger describes the video as "a cocktail of yoga on steroids with cardio thrown in the mix. Not traditional yoga. A yoga hybrid." I started yoga for the first time last summer and have not been consistent. What I love about it is you easily get a sense of areas that you are improving, and in turn areas that are more difficult depending on the day. I think some yoga fans would say it has something to do with stress and focus! I'm new to "the practice" so I just don't know!

In addition to doing yoga, I'm doing a "Walk the Red Carpet" with work. Any and all employees who wanted to sign up got a free (cheap) pedometer and we are to track our steps with a goal in mind of walking to California! Crazy right!? I think this goes on until August. Having to write down my steps at the end of each day makes me want to walk more! So this is good. It's easy to tell myself "hey - anything you are doing is better than what you did 2 weeks ago, which was nothing."

Lastly - I've been doing supplemental work on my arms! I found an article in Women's Health one day while waiting to get my oil changed, and I did the unthinkable, I tore the article out as discretely as possible and snuck it in my purse!! Oh the guilt I felt! I have never done that before! Tisk, tisk. The title of the article is "Get Sleek, Sexy Arms" can you blame me?! :)

I was able to find the article online to share with you. If you're like me, you've done different videos, been to different classes and know the moves, but getting that motivation is challenging. Focusing on 4 key moves seems much more attainable and I'm already seeing results! Click on the link to learn more!
Do you need something to get you motivated to get back in a work out routine? Join us - let's get back in shape together!

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